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Transformation 1

When this client first came to us her hair was very short and thin. Although it was healthy and in good condition she found it difficult to grow it. 

After talking at the consultation we decided to use the individual bond method to fit extensions and use 6A remi as it's easy to maintain and can be reused if looked after. This client had her hair in for 3 months and when it came to removal her hair had grown a couple of inches. Our client reused the remi hair twice before swapping to our 4A remi. After 2 years of having her extensions in and out her hair has grown not just longer but thicker, fuller and even healthier!

This is proof that when installed correctly, by a highly experience extensions technician, hair extensions can grow your hair and DO NOT cause damage.

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Transformation 2

After having extensions done elsewhere ( I would name and shame if I was less of a proffessional) for a length of time, due to incorrect fitting and removal, our client was left with poor extensions and her own hair badly damaged, leaving it patchy and thin, especially at the ends. Our client was left feeling upset and low as her hair, like many other ladies hair, was important to her. After managing to safely remove the tacky, almost chewing gum like, glue and therefore extensions from her hair and fit a new set in she was left with amazing quality, correctly fitted, colour matched hair extensions and most importantly she was feeling confident and loved her hair again! Provided with proper aftercare information including; what shampoo and to use, how to wash the hair and what brush is best; our client wore her hair extensions for 6 months straight with no maintenance. Our client was delighted with the length of time it took to fit the extensions, how natural the hair looked and how easy it was to maintain as well as the length of time the hair extensions lasted and the quality of the hair which stayed the same throughout their wear. 2 and a half years later her own hair has grown healthy, thick and long. You can see her progress throughtout the images

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