To ensure the safety of your hair and also happiness, hair extensions should always be fitted by a trained, experienced, professional and with over 25 years experience and being the 5th generation of hair extensionists in her family, Pearl prides herself on being just that. In order to create your perfect hair and give you the best experience we offer all our clients a FREE, no obligation consultation. This is required before a fitting appointment and gives us the opportunity to discuss your desires and requirements such as colour, length, thickness etc... A consultation also gives Pearl the opportunity to answer any questions you may have and discuss an affordable price.

Great hair doesn't happen by chance, it happens by appointment! 

Methods of Attachment

We offer many methods of attachment that will give you an undetectable, flawless finish matching your hair texture, colour thickness and much more. A few of the methods we offer are micro-bonds, micro-loops, traditional weaves and micro-weaves. Read on for more information.

Types of Hair

Pearl prides herself on offering the best quality hair at an affordable price. Hand sourced from around the world, Pearl rigirously and personally tests her hair to ensure she only uses the highest quality. Skillfully applied extensions using only the best hair and colours hand blended by Pearl herself is sure to give you the hair of your dreams! To see more about the types of hair Pearl offers read on or contact Pearl to have a chat or book a consultation so you can see for yourself. Pearl also offers a service where she can fit a clients hair, using any method, that they have bought independantly 

Pre tipping service
We have been pre tipping our own hair for Bonded and Stick tip extensions fitting Using our own brand of Pearl crystal bonds and tipping hair sent to us by our many clients / salons across the UK for over 15 years… If you have bulk hair or hair on a weft that you wish to have tipped then you can send this to us via recorded delivery, we will tip it and return it to you via signed for recorded delivery. We aim to re tip and return back to you within 3-7 days from arrival, earlier if possible.

Contact Pearl for more details.

Hair Extensions Removal Service

Here at Pearls Hair Extensions we have been removing hair extensions for as long as we have been fitting them and so have the perfect technique for easy, safe removal that will cause your hair or the hair extensions no damage.

NEW! Custom Colouring Service

Here at Pearls we have decided to add a new, highly requested, service to further allow us to create your desired, dream look.

We can now custom colour your hair extensions so whether you want that natural, sunkissed look all year round or

an ombre to 'dye' for... we've got it covered! 


Methods of Attachment

Micro-bonds are the most common form of attachment. Applied correctly these extensions are perfect for a natural, hassle free look and can even help grow your hair. When applied properly this method of attachment will NOT damage your hair. The bond is added to the tip of the extension, it is then heated and rolled onto your hair in small sections, approx the size of a grain of rice, so it blends perfectly with your existing hair creating an undetectable and natural feeling, hair can be tied up and will still be undetectable. When it comes to the time of bond removal (approx every 3 months due to re growth of your hair) our special remover helps the extension easily slide/remove from your hair. If your is reusable it can then be re-tipped and  re-attached for a further 3 months. Our bond is safe and easily removed


A small section of your hair and specially tipped extensions are pulled through the micro ring, which is held near the root. The ring is then clamped tightly onto your hair holding it securely in place. Although deemed to be the safest method it is still important to be careful when brushing. This method uses no bond, glue or heat so extra care is needed when brushing, washing etc... to keep them secure. The majority of our clients lose no ring extensions during their wear, others lose the odd one, however regular maintenance is always required to pull up the rings as your hair grows and replace any that may have fallen out to maintain length and thickness.

Traditional Weave

Your own hair is plaited in rows and then strips of weft are stitched onto the plaits. Depending on the thickness and the length you desire will depend on the amount of plaits, rows and hair needed. The weave should stay in for approx 4-8 weeks depending on your own hair type and after care, it can be removed and reattached.

LA Weave

Instead of plaitng your hair We attach a row of micro-rings in rows near the roots of your hair. The strips of weft are then stitched onto the rings.
Similar to a traditional weave, depending on the thickness and the length you desire, will depend on the
amount of rows of weft needed. The weave should stay in for approx 4-8 weeks depending on your own hair type and after care, it can then be removed and reattached. Maintenance may be required to move up rings as your own hair grows.


Types of Hair

Superior Remi Hair Extensions

Although there are many grades of  remy available on the market, Pearls Superior Remi outshines them all. This hair is ethically sourced throughout Europe and Asia, both of which are known for producing soft, luscious hair. We offer many types of Remi all of which is treated/coloured in such a way that the hair will stay soft and silky for the duration of its use. Our 6A Remy it is considered one of the finest Remy grades available, this hair will stay soft and silky for approx 6-9 months and can be re-used many times over.  The cuticle is left intact and aligned the correct way from root to tip with all our hair grades.

Available in :
Double drawn hair for consistent volume root to tip
All colours from light blond to black including reds.  Colour blends available including ombre etc...

Luxury Coloured Russian Hair Extensions
Our Virgin Russian hair is delicately lightened or coloured to achieve all colours, available from light blonds to black. This hair still maintains its amazing softness as it has not been stripped back from a dark colour; light blonds are achieved by lifting the colour of natural virgin dark blonds and darker colours will be coloured from the nearest shade. This is done to achieve perfect colours which are then hand plended to create the perfect colour match for each individual. Each strands is fine and soft and can remain this way for upto 12-18 months, hence it can be reused many times over. All cuticle's are intact and the hair aligned in the correct way from root to tip

Available in :
drawn – much fuller and thicker on the ends
Colours available – all colours from white blond to black, including reds


Custom Colouring 

Here at Pearls we are now offering a custom colouring service for hair extensions, to further allow us to provide our clients with the hair of their dreams!


Wanting a natural sunkissed look throughout the whole year, or seen a sensational, yet subtle ombre that you wish for us to recreate... we got you covered!


Contact Pearl on 07748593743 or for more details on this new service, prices and availability



Terms and Conditions

Hair Extensions are not always for everyone,  for a number of reasons including; some people find them uncomfortable to wear, do not have the time to maintain and take care of them correctly. During the consultation, Pearl will assess your hair and explain such to you and then advise accordingly. 

You are paying for the service Pearl provides rather than a product and therefore monies cannot be refunded

If you are unhappy about anything, it is advised you discuss this with your extensionist so you can work together to try to resolve the issue

Extensions can last up to 3 months depending on the method of attachment and most importantly the correct aftercare, which is up to the client to maintain, that shall be explained at the fitting. During this time some clients may need a top-up/reattachment between applications, this can be provided at an extra cost.

During the consultation, you will be informed of the cost of fitting. It is up to the client to agree to the cost and provide appropriate funds.

During the consultation clients booking an appointment will be asked for a deposit.

Deposits are Non-Refundable.

For clients paying via PayPal or credit card there will be a 5% surcharge. 

All monies will need to be paid in full before or during the service.

Extensions should only be removed by a professional.

Removal charge depends on the method used for attachment and the length of time taken to remove extensions.

Pearl is not responsible for any damage caused by clients or others trying to remove their hair extensions.

Terms and conditions are subject to change